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WVMC Golf Club - Valley Center, CA

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For golf course information, to reserve a tee time, or to book a group event, visit:

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Handicap Index and Course Handicap info is sourced from USGA and USGA references.

WVMC Golf Club Structure

The WVMC Golf Club's home course is the Woods Valley Golf Course in Valley Center, California. The Club is a SCGA Southern California Golf Assocation "facilities" club. The SCGA is licensed by the USGA United States Golf Association to provide USGA trade-marked handicap services and to use the USGA Handicap System™.

SCGA membership is included with WVMC Golf Club membership and runs currently.

WVMC Golf Club Services

  • Enrolls members in the WVMC (which includes SCGA membership).
  • Provides Handicap Index® services to WVMC members.
  • Organizes and conduct tournaments for WVMC members and their guests.
  • Promotes appreciation for the game of golf.
  • Provides a learning environment for the rules and the skills of golf.

Club Organization

The Club Services are provided by volunteer officers and coordinators who are active and current Club members. These include, but are not limited to:

  • President, Vice President, Treasurer, Handicap Chair, Rules Chair
  • Tournament Director, Tournament Coordinators

Club Governing Documents

The Club's governing documents take precedence over content in this WEB site. They may be viewed via the following links: