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Handicap Index and Course Handicap info is sourced from USGA and USGA references.

Computing a Course Handicap

  • A player's Course Handicap is the number of strokes "given" a player and subtracted from a player's Gross Score in order to produce the Net Score.
  • The tournament commitee determines the tournament scoring format and whether gross or net scoring (or both) are used for the competition.
  • A Course Handicap is computed by multiplying a player's Handicap Index times the course Slope for the tees played and dividing by 113. The result is rounded to the nearest single decimal point.

Course Handicap computation given an Index and different tee slopes
HCP Index (H.I.) Slope H.I. x Slope Divide by 113 Course HCP
11.9 124 1475.6 13.058 13
11.9 129 1535.1 13.585 14
11.9 133 1582.7 14.006 14

Playing From Different Tee Ratings - Same Tournament

  • In a tournament from the white tees, with a few playing from the blue tees, the difference in the course ratings, rounded up, determines the number of additional strokes to give to the player that plays from the higher-rated tees. For example: 71.5 from Blue Tees minus 69.4 from White Tees = 1.7 rounded up to 2 additional strokes for the player from the blue tees.
  • The same procedure is used to allow for the differences in tee ratings when men and women compete in the same round.
Tournament Course Handicap computation - playing from different tees
Course HCP Tees Played Tee Ratings Added Strokes Tourn. HCP
13 White 68.4 NA 13
22 White 68.4 NA 22
6 Blue 70.4 2 8