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WVMC Golf Club - Valley Center, CA

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Handicap Index and Course Handicap info is sourced from USGA and USGA references.

Tournament Rounds

  • The SCGA Southern California Golf Assocation computer system automatically adjusts a player's index in the case of multiple tournament rounds that are significantly below the player's index.
  • A round should NOT be posted as a Tournament Round (type-T) unless stipulated BEFORE an event.
  • The WVMC Golf Club will schedule several Tournament events each year. They will be announced in advance and will have a format designed to encourage a large number of participants.
  • Tournament scores are typically higher for players due to competitive pressures. However, this will not occur if players don't know that the round they just played was a tournament round, thus potentially incorrectly impacting their index for up to 12 months.

Handicap Index® or Course Handicap Adjustments

  • A tournament committee may use various methods to determine the number of handicap strokes given to tournament players.
  • A golfer, and specifically a member of a USGA United States Golf Association-licensed association (e.g., SCGA), facility (e.g. Woods Valley Golf Club), or affiliate club has no inherent right to a specific handicap. The handicap must be earned in accordance with USGA/SCGA standards and procedures.
  • The Handicap Chairman and/or Handicap Committee may decide that a member-player's Index or course handicap should be adjusted downward or upward.
  • The Handicap Chairman and/or Handicap committee has sole discretion to make adjustments and will do so only for the purpose of maintaining competitive equity.
  • Entering a score that was not posted in a reasonable time frame after an event. Due to the ease of access to posting terminals at golf courses, Woods Valley Men's Club members are expected to post scores immediately after an event, the same day as an event. Internet posting is available for same day posting in case posting can not be done on the course terminal.
  • Adjusting an Index or course handicap upward due to short-period physical impairment.
  • Entering penalty rounds (PEN) for repeated failure to post rounds and/or post in a timely fashion.