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Handicap Index and Course Handicap info is sourced from USGA and USGA references.

Equitable Stroke Control
Course Handicap Maximum Strokes to Post
9 or less Double Bogey
10 - 19 7
20 - 29 8
30-39 9
40 or more 10

Scoring a Round versus Posting a Round:

  • All rounds should be posted, whether stroke play or match play.
  • For tournament formats based on total strokes, such as Low Gross or Low Net, the ball should be holed-out, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Players should count total strokes to meet tournament competition rules based on scoring format.
  • Players should post their score after adjusting strokes per the Equitable Stroke Control table.
  • The ESC Equitable Stroke Control® Table is posted near golf course posting terminals and is included on members' SCGA Southern California Golf Assocation membership cards.

Rounds that require posting:

  • When 7-12 holes have been played, post a 9-hole score for either holes 1-9, or holes 10-18.
  • When 13-18 holes have been played, post an 18-hole score. The scores for unplayed holes should be PAR plus the player's handicap strokes for the unplayed holes.
  • Post rounds played with other players or rounds played individually.
  • Scores returned for posting purposes must include the ESC score, course name, 9 or 18 holes played, course rating and course slope. A scorecard may be required for tournament competition, but is not required in order to legitimize the posting of a score.
  • Posted scores are audited by club member peer reviews and by a club's Hancicap Commitee. Members may use the Internet site to view scores posted by members using either member names or member SCGA numbers.
  • USGA/SCGA clubs are required to make member information available to all members to promote peer review. Members may not opt out of the dissemination of scores posting information.

NOTE: A member of a USGA United States Golf Association-licensed association (e.g., SCGA), facility club (e.g. Woods Valley Golf Club), or affiliate club has no inherent right to a specific handicap. The handicap must be earned in accordance with USGA/SCGA standards and procedures.